A Rhinoplasty result, two weeks post operation. Beautifuly enhance face harmony

After asian upper blepharoplasty and rhinoplasty. To improve facial characteristics, hence quality of life. Patients satisfication is the utmost goal of an aestehtic surgeon.

Rhinoplasty post op one month

Tip Cartilage augmentation using autogeneous ear cartilage and suturing technique. Along with enhancement we correct the unbalanced nostrils because of left dropped left ala


Nostril reduction, to harmonize nostril shape and size to newly augmented nose shape

Rhinoplasty and nostril base reduction

Rhinoplasty with hump reduction


A month after rejuvination upper blepharoplasty with right upperlid ptosis (lazy eye) correction

Asian periorbital rejuvination or surgical Procedures tp acjieves eyes youthful appearance in asian ethnic

Lower blepharoplasty with fat repositioning, lateral cantopexy and mid cheek lift in one approach. We corected baggy eyelids along with lower lids and cheek dropping

Periorbital rejuvination by reduction of skin and fat excess, creation of new upper lids, and baggy eyelids removal. Fourlids surgery in aging asian eyes

Double eyelids surgery. For aesthetic improvement by permanently make lid crease and shape the eyes better in oriental asian eyes

Fourlid blepharoplasty with readjustment of lids height and lower fat repositioning to have a better rejuvination in aging asian eyes

Breast Op

Breast lift with implant augmentation to acheive breast youthful fullness appearance

Male breast reduction in gynecomastia case. This was a juvenile gynecomastia, we performed a liposuction, breast tissue excision and nipple elevation

Implant breast augmentation. Proportional volume enhancement for rejuvenating the breast (Breast tightening)

We Performed Breast Lift and Reduction in Hypertrophic and Ptotic Breast. Direct Post Op Result

We performed breast implant wih volume 300cc in involuational breast atrohpy case

Breast lift, mengencangkan kembali payudara yang turun dengan prosedur breast lift. Manajemen kulit, lemak dan kelenjar payudara untuk meremajakan bentuk payudara

Chin Implant

Chin Augmentation

Face Lift

Short scar facelift to rejuvenate aging lower face features, descending skin and tissue causing lines and jowl

Scar Revision / Eksisi Keloid

Revisi parut luka pada bibir atas. Awalnya parut terjadi akibat penjahitan yang kurang baik pada saat terjadi kecelakaan 2 bulan yang lalu


Dimpleplasty or cheek dimple surgery, a well place dimple creation trough surgery to enhance face harmony

Kelainan Bawaan Jari Tangan dan Kaki

Synpolydactyly case in 2 years old toddler. Syndactyly release with mirror image zig-zag pattern and buck-gramko flap and excess finger excision

Burn Recontruction

Facial burn reconstruction in a girl with history of flame burn injury in hands and face. The confidence, function and smiles are improving sgnificantly trough these treatment


Abdominioplasty or tummy tuck. Prosedur mengencangkan kembali perut dengan melakukan pembuangan kulit plus lemak, serta pengencangan otot perut.

Abdominoplasty atau tummy tuck. Prosedur mengencangkan perut dengan manajemen pembuangan kulit-lemak dan pengencangan otot perut