Operation Time

With Plastic surgery team

To serve, a proudly operation. Wealth might not relatively excellent, but the happiness and foundation that we made is beautifully priceless

Pre Op marking before Rhinoplasty. Always evaluate thoroughly before every procedure

Silence and pray, a routine before start an operation. We are human after all, an imperfect creature with fragile body and mind. With a short moment of humble, we just remembering those flaw. A cleft case

Pre Op marking before Rhinoplasty. Always evaluate thoroughly before every procedure

To prevent the unwanted, optimal preparation and design is one of them

His Happiness

With our beautiful patient. far away from California, US. It is her second visit for another various procedures. We hope you will have a safe journey returning to state madam

Instead of many kind of surgeries, why do we choose this path? we love shape, beauty and art. The immediate shape refinement is a satisfaction. it might be shallow for some, but not for many and the unfortunates. A better shape and appearance would improve quality of life and procedure smiles

Thank you for trusting us

With our beautiful angel

A replica of classic gridlock gun. An extraordinary gift. Really appreciate it

My angel in her 3rd operation, a cute and strong burn survivor. We released some contracture, transplant hair in her eyebrow and inject steroid to soften scars. even in these operations, we always had her smiles and learn from her strength

She has been hospitalized quite a long time, but her endurance and spirit amazed us. Life move on and i feel blessed

Please enjoy Surabaya and Bali before you flight back to australia madam. I hope you satisfied with your rhinoplasty

His Achievement

Pertemuan tahunan komunitas luka Korea Selatan, Busan, Korea Selatan

Penganugerahan penghargaan saat pertemuan tahunan komunitas luka Korea Selatan, Busan, Korea Selatan

Graduation dinner night, after one year international clinical and research fellowship in Seoul National University Bundang Hospital, South Korea. Certificate ceremony by Pf. Ron Ming Baek, Chief Department of plastic surgery and vice president of university hospital

Presenting my works at Australian New Zealand Burns Association Annual Scientific Meeting. I am the only Indonesian. It was a great meeting, met great people and acquire new knowledge

Speaker and Moderator

Presentation about health technology at Dr Soetomo General hospital HTA workshop

This time as a speaker, in a session with other great distinguished speakers, one of them are Pf. Kim From Hanyang University, Rep. of Korea

As a moderator in international congress and scientific meeting

Presentation about facial anatomy in surgeon perspective, at integrating basic science and aesthetic dermatology symposium, in corporation with IMCAS, Paris

Emergency Management of major burn symposium and workshop. Sharing knowledge for doctors to deal with acute burn cases in their work place/hospital

Teaching EMSB to fellow surgeon and doctors

Lecture of burn acute management. At Banyuwangi Airlangga University D Campus

Mini symposium ” beautiful with plastic surgery and debulking its myth “

Talkshow “cantik luar dalam bersama toyota Sienta” bekerja sama dengan RS Onkologi Surabaya

Presenting my work at our national annual microsurgery society scientific meeting

Basic course of plastic surgical skill. A pre-lunch session

Charity Event

Tergabung dengan tim dokter relawan di bencana tsunami Aceh tahun 2004

Bakti sosial (cleft lip mission) di Jember tahun 2016

International charity mission in Cambodia 2014. Great way to learn about another culture, people, countries and many things in such an off-stream way, but most importantly we can understand that many young spirits are willing to fly across the globe just to get involved and help others. An international collaboration in Southeast Asia countries, operation assisted by a Switzerland nurse. Across the sea mission, doctors should be borderless

It’s a wrap after 2 days of cleft lip and palate charity mission at Sulawesi island, Bulukumba district 3 hours rides from makassar, capital city. A great experiences and journey

International Fellowship

Remembering the beautiful time in my early curve. it was a pleasant day

Great memories at Seoul National University Bundang Hospital

Daily routine in hospital when I stayed and trained at Seoul National University Bundang Hospital. A sophisticated and elaborated operating theater in a great university hospital

Great memories with all international fellows from many countries. We share cultures, stories and good memories in Korea

With Teachers And Collages

With dr. Matt Donelan, the living legend in scars management and burn care, Shrinners Hospital, USA.” To be err is a human, failure and under result is normal, as long as you already done a max efforts. Using the safe method always learning from the masters and not afraid to improved. There is no perfect surgeon, only the good, the talented and the others

With my breast specialist-plastic surgeon teacher, Pf. Heo Chan Yeong. A breast surgeon that actively lead researchers, blessed to have learned from him. An energetic surgeon with high class attire

Rhinoplasty tutor, Pf. Kim Baek Kyu. A talented plastic surgeon, I am honored for the invaluable opportunity

With Pf. Rei ogawa, the expert in scar management from Tokyo, Japan. Last burn meeting in Bali. he was a generous and humble person, a lot to learn from him

KSAPS meeting in Seoul, lots of smiles and knowledge by the experts in aesthetic surgery. People that already done hundreds and innovate something new

Our small family in RSOS

Emergency management of Severe Burns Course by Indonesia Plastic Surgeon Association (PERAPI) in conjunction with Australian-New Zealand Burn Association (ANZBA). A through guideline in Acute Burn Management for Medical Practitioners